Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bloggers Love Bloggers Tour and Sign Up!

So the other day I was chit chatting with my friend Ren of a little bit of RnR. We were throwing back ideas of blog swapping and world domination. Anyway I said, wouldn't it be cool if we did a....wait for tour of blogs. After a short discussion we both decided that neither of us were organized enough to pull it off. Enter Tamara Beard. (actually I harassed her). This was last night. Tamara has already got the whole thing planned out. Please come share our love for each other. I've also created a page for it so that you won't have to dig through all of the rest of the posts for it.
Sign up after the break.....
This tour is being hosted by Tamara can find her site here.

Tamara's One Stop Indie Shop


  1. This is really cool! I'm sure it will be a great way to find new blogs!

  2. I'm so glad she decided to organize this!! What do you want to do next, Pinky?