Star Ratings

We loosely base our ratings on the Goodreads star rating. Each of the reviewers on this site probably has their own criteria  for what and how they rate a book. I have found that as I get more and more reviewing experience under my belt I am getting tougher and more frugal with my 5 star ratings. 4 star is the highest I am willing to give out unless I am addicted you your book.
 5 Stars = OMG...we were just totally blown away, addicted to these characters, will probably re read these books, will definately buy more from this author. Definate recommend. Will stalk the author.

4 Stars= What a great book. We loved the characters, we loved the story and will buy more from this author. Will recommend for sure. Will stalk the author.

3 Stars= A good book that drew us in. We will look for the next book by the author. Most likely will recommend it to others.

2 Stars= It was an ok book. Probably won't recommend it.

1 Stars= Didn't like much, if anything, about the book. It just wasn't for us.

*Every once in a while I will up my star rating. If I do that it is usually because I keep thinking about the characters/story days, weeks, even months after the fact. I read so much that this means that this book made a HUGE impact on me. One that I might not have noticed before. I don't always remember character names (I'm bad enough about this with real people let alone fictional characters) but I remember the story and the feelings I got from the book.
**This is for 3 star books and above. I won't mess with anything under that. -Lori aka the zombie slut!


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