Thursday, December 6, 2012


I've been circling around the drain. Mentally at least. My confidence as a blogger is at an all time low. My reviews are coming fewer and fewer as my list of books to read becomes bigger and bigger. The thing is: I feel like I am reading all the time. But there is nothing to show for it. It's taking me longer and longer to finish books and longer to write reviews. So I think as the new year quickly approaches I am going to make some changes around here.

The first change which has already been implemented is that I am no longer accepting review requests. I am still accepting beta requests and will review my beta projects if the author wants me to. However, I have managed to get myself into quite the pickle with the amount of books I have said "yes" to reviewing. The current stack of review books will probably take me 3 months to complete. Just because I am not reading very many books a week right now. I will review all the books that I have accepted to this point.

Have no fear indie writers. I still accept requests from Parajunkee. If you would like me to review your book on her site please request it through her form.

The second change I am making is that I will not be signing up for as many book tours. My hope is to bring the blog back to a more reader based blog than a giveaway blog. The less time I spend fussing over the format and look of these simple posts (seriously takes me so long to get everything looking decent) the more time I spend reading and  the more reviews I can put up. I will continue to do promotional spots but not nearly as many. Giveaways will not be going away. Trust me. I love giving stuff away. However, I just have more fun writing reviews than cutting and pasting info into a post. What can I say? I like ramble on and on!


  1. I hear ya Lori, backing off is a good idea, remember, we LOVE to read! :) When it becomes a chore, it's just no fun. Let's keep it fun hun. <3

  2. Please don't get down on yourself! You're doing an awesome job, and I understand all the hard work you're putting into your blogs. You're providing us all with a service, and it doesn't pay. Keep it to a level where you can enjoy it, or there isn't a point to doing it anymore. And WE ALL WANT YOU HERE!! So have fun! <3
    Sorry, I've been slacking a little with the "help". I swear I'll be reading a book to review on here in the next couple days. I SWEAR! Feel free to come up here and kick my butt if I don't!

    1. No worries. You read whenever you have the time. I'm the one that said yes. I honestly thought I could do it all. Now I'm like eekk, the months keep going by and I'm not making any headway.

  3. It's so easy to get overwhelmed and lose your reading mojo. It happened to me a few months ago and I'm still working on getting back into the groove. When it feels like a job or a chore to read that's when I know I need to slow it down and read a book just for me.

    I find that listening to audios helps increase my review output because I have a super long commute and listen whenever I'm doing a tedious task like cooking or cleaning (which sadly takes up most of my free time, it seems).

    Keep it fun for you.

  4. Lady dudez, I love you!!! You keep me going. I'm going to have to look into audio books!
    Thank you for the vote of confidence. <3