Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bloggers Love Bloggers Blog Tour!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you to Frankie Rose for the tour banner. And to Tamara Beard for organizing this tour!

Today on the blog we have Ren from A little bit of R n R.

This is Ren, say Hi to Ren Friends.
So without further's Ren Reidy, bitch. 

LP: Why did you decide to start book blogging?

Ren:  At the time, I was reading 3-4 books a week. I have such a love for books that I felt the need to share them with the reading community. I didn’t even care if anyone read them. I just wanted to get them out there. I blog mostly about indie authors. I feel like they need the exposure and I’m more than happy to give that to them.

LP: What is your favorite part about book blogging?

Ren: I kinda answered that in my previous answer lol

LP: What is your least favorite part about book blogging?

Ren: DEADLINES!! I actually like to call the dreadlines. I’ve since stopped taking on reviews for tours because it puts my reading on a time frame. I hate that.

LP: Do you listen to music while blogging?

Ren: Sometimes. I usually only blog at night when the little one is sleeping so I can’t have the music on without headphones. I like to listen to Hunter Hayes sometimes :0)

LP: Who are your book blogging icons?

Ren: Besides you? Lets see... Parajunkee was my first bloggin icon. I like Fiktshun, Stuck in YA Books, I Love YA Books, Always YA at Heart and some others that I can’t remember right now.

LP: Do you write?
Ren: I used to. I’ve had such terrible writers block for about 10 joke. It’s pathetic.

LP: Do you have a favorite piece of swag?

Ren: I actually won this cool messenger bag from D.T. Dyllin. It has the logo for the P.J. Stone The Gates Trilogy. I loved the first book!

LP: Reese's pieces or M&M's in your popcorn?
Ren:Well first of all, candy does not go in popcorn! Is that what you Northwesterners do? EW! I love popcorn and Reese’s pieces but never together. That’s just foul. Shame on you!

LP: I should note. That I am a midwesterner. Iowa Represent. FTR it's peanut butter M&M's. That was the correct answer. LOL. 

LP: Socks and Sandals?

Ren :Um double EW!

LP: How do you feel about the color puce?

Ren: Is that a rhetorical question? You know damn well that it’s my favorite color.  I use it quite often as my font color on the blog. Plus my links are that color.

LP: What are you favorite genre's to read?

Ren: Young Adult, New Adult and Adult. As long as they’re Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Romance, or Dystopian. I always have to have some kinda romance.

LP: Any advice for new book bloggers?

Ren: hmmmmm find a review style that works for you. I see so many and I just like to tell you how I feel about it. I’m not a professional critic. Also have a catchy blog layout. I hate that pre-made stuff and went to Ishita at The Reading Fish for my blog design. They can be quite pricey so she was cheap, efficient and damn I love my layout. :-)


  1. YAY!!! So glad to be on the blog today. Just noticed a damn typo of my own lol

  2. great interview thank you for hosting Ren

  3. great interview thank you for hosting Ren

  4. Jen sounds hilarious! Great interview. And what the heck is puce?