Thursday, January 3, 2013

Grace Lost by M. Lauryl Lewis

4 Stars ~ Kami's Review

This turned out to be a decent book, but it could have been way better.
It started out slow and kinda boring, but eventually I got into it. It was almost like the author couldnt get into her 'groove' until she wrote for a while.

I liked the characters, dont get me wrong, but in the beginning, and some parts later on, I wanted to smack Zoe. Way too much crying for me. Yeah this is my issue, but I like my women to be a little tougher in the books I read. I want a bad ass zombie slaying chick who kicks ass and takes name, not some girl who cries at the drop of a hat.

For me while reading the dialogue between the characters I find myself asking who the hell talks like this, especially in a freaking zombie crazy world. Everything they said was extremely proper, and said in vivid detail. This was part of the reason I had trouble getting into the book in the beginning. It didnt feel real, it felt fake and forced. Like I said it got better later on, but I would still read something and roll my eyes because it just didnt fit.

I like how these are smart zombies, who are as devious as they are gross. A nice change for a zombie novel.

I dont really consider this a spoiler since it has to be running through your mind as a possibility the whole time you are reading the book. But if you dont wish to know, skip ahead. The whole pregnancy thing pissed me off. How stupid, and how naive can you possibly be to not consider this before you go and have sex a bunch of times unprotected? I think we all knew it was coming, so no surprise there but come on! I blame both Boggs and Zoe. Dumb dumb dumb!

Will I read the next book in the series? Absolutly! I really want to see where the author is going with this, and I really want to know what happens to the characters. As much as some of them pissed me off I still like them, lol.
Will I recommend it? Yes, to all my zombie loving friends. Lori this is you my dear!


  1. Thanks for reviewing my book on your blog! I'm honored! :-) Hoping you enjoy Tainted Grace (book 2 of the series) when it hits the market this spring. Ahhhhhh...oh... if getting a hold of birth control during a zombie plague were that easy...but the stores are all closed and hungry zombies are mucking about. :-) As for Zoe, she was an inexperienced YOUNG twenty year old when the apocalypse hit. It'll take her time to become a bad-ass zombie ass-kicker. I do suspect you'll see her transform, though.
    Cheers, and thanks again for reading & reviewing!

    M. Lauryl

  2. Oh my gosh, Thanks for reading and replying to my review. I am honored!
    I think I sometimes forget that most people in their young 20's are inexperienced and naive when it comes to birth control. From my life I had 2 older sisters (one 15 at the time, and the other 17 at the time) get pregnant and have children at such a young age. In turn at that age I was extremely cautious and and even fearful of getting pregnant. In a way they taught me a lesson.
    I very much look forward to reading Tainted Grace!! I loved seeing the slow transformation of Zoe towards the end of this book, so I simply cant wait to see her grow in the Woman she is meant to become.
    Please keep writing your books, I will definately keep reading them.
    Your fan:

    1. Hey...we have a mutual friend on Facebook. Small world...

  3. Kami, I decided to write about Zoe on my blog. Thought you might be interested. :-)

    M. Lauryl

    1. I am glad you wrote that, it explains a lot. It is always nice to know where an author is coming from when they have certain characters in mind.
      I think I psyched myself out by always assuming that in zombie books with a female heroin, she will automatically be badass, it must be part of that feminisim gene that I got dosed with, LOL. Looking back now after reading your blog post it makes me rethink a lot of the book.
      I get where you are coming from now. I see the world you were trying to portray, and actually I applaud you for it. Because even though we would all love to be badass zombie killing chicks if the time came, odds are that it probably wont happen that way. I like your realistic approach to writing this book, it just took my eyes being opened to realize it :)
      I loved watching Zoe grow throughout the book, and I look forward even more to see her growth in the books to come. Please keep writing because you really do have a knack for grabbing hold of us readers and keeping us enthralled.

  4. I am also changing my 3 stars to 4 stars. Now that the story has 'clicked' for me, I think it merrits that extra star I was wavering with from the beginning.

  5. So great!!! I cant wait for Tainted Grace!!!!

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