Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How to snag a guy... What Lori and Kami have learned from romance novels

10.) Be a moron.

9.) Be innocent...but not too much in the bedroom.

8.) Be blonde, tall, with good boobs, long legs and a nice butt.

7.) If you HAVE to be brunette or a red head be naive. But know how to french kiss on your first kiss. You MUST have an orgasm your first time having sex. That is the only way to overcome being "mousy"

6.) Eye rolling helps. But don't have too much of a sense of humor or be too sarcastic. That implies intelligence.

5.) Be clumsy. Guys like to feel needed. If they feel that have to catch you while you stumble around and trip over invisible objects the are more likely to stick around longer.

4.) When you get ready to look into that special someones eyes make sure you angle your head down a bit so that you are looking up to them through your long lashes. This has a very sexy appeal, will drive them to jizz in their pants if you do it right!

3.) Go pantyless when ever possible (not necessary if you are not wearing a skirt or dress)

2.) Find someone to stalk you, you need the man in your life to feel the need to protect you. The more danger, the hotter and kinkier the sex will be afterwards.

1.) Bite your lip. Drives them boys wild!!


  1. Shit. I have brown hair, small boobs, I like underwear, I'm sarcastic/borderline asshole... I don't know how I'm even married.

    1. PS Toni--you are so not an asshole.

  2. LOL. Because of your borderline asshole personality. We forgot one Kami. Being one of the Dudes (aka a normal girl?)....or is that YA?

  3. Haha, I'm in the same boat as Toni! This list made me laugh, love it!! :)

  4. Haha we will have to add that to the next one we do!

  5. Hilarious! This is why I love zombie stories: the blond bimbos are always the first to get eaten!