Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New page on the blog. LOOK OUT AUTHORS

I don't know how many of you check out our pages up above. Mostly they are for author/fan reference. There is the one that is my personal blog ala Awkward. style. I want to add a new one though. And I want to call attention to it. In this page I am going to be posting things that indie authors should be aware of...people/services/editors etc that are known to take advantage of self published authors. So if you stumble across something please do not hesitate to send me a link. I will look into it. This page is not about a personal grudge or other peoples grudges. I am not an author I don't have any. It's about sharing the knowledge with the author community who has given so much to me. In life we should all give each other a helping hand and this is one way I want to do that.
my email is
Also I should note that if you know of anyone that is a great/professional cover artist, editor, etc please let me know that too.


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    1. Thanks. I like to keep our blog a happy place for readers and authors. If they didn't write books then this website wouldn't exist.