Thursday, July 5, 2012

Solstice: A Novel of the Zombie Apocolypse

From Goodreads:
On the eve of winter Solstice, a massive flash envelopes the Earth and then there is nothing. The sun no longer shines and civilization is plunged into unending darkness. Those exposed to the mysterious flash have changed—they have become bloodthirsty, cunning, and determined to devour anyone who is not infected. They are Ragers.

In Sweden, a group of uneasy travelers hears a broken broadcast. There is hope. Something called Sanctuary waits, but it is thousands of miles away, somewhere on the shores of the British Isles.

Meanwhile, in a London supermarket, a high school English teacher from the States finds himself stranded along with a handful of students on a senior trip. Outside, hoards of hungry Ragers await, ready to tear them limb from limb. Their only hope is to find Sanctuary.

Solstice is a tale of hope, terror, survival, and finding love at the end of the World.

Lori's Review: 4 Stars
I really really really want to give this book 5 stars. It was so good. I had a zombie nightmare for the first time in years after I finished it.
I really liked Melanie and Tomas's story. I wasn't so hot on Stu and Tana. I was cheering for Tomas and Mel from the beginning. They seemed to have more to live for and didn't just hide in a store the whole time. Their part of the story had the most action aspects of the story and really seemed to fly by. Stu et al had the most horror moments. When they did leave the store they encountered the zombies at an alarming rates. The zombies said some of their most freighting lines when they encountered Stu, Tana and the students. And the scenes with Tana and her children were heartbreaking. I can't talk to much about the story without giving things away.
The writing was good. She kept my attention throughout the book. I connected with Melanie way more than any of the other characters. Which is probably why I liked that part of the story better.
This is story is depressing. Yes, there are some happy parts but for the most part it is a dark novel. The whole Solstice caused/created the zombies was a little weak and confusing. It wasn't very well explained.  Especially since these are talking zombies. That's the main reason I couldn't give this book a full rocking five stars. Although, let's be honest...zombies. So realistic. Not really. At least I hope not.


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