Monday, August 6, 2012

ContagiousReads VLOG #1

Here it is my first. VLOG. Ugh so I look hideous and my webcam is crappy. Also I ramble. A lot and say that Kody Boye has a weird last name? Ugh...what? So Sorry to Kody. I have no idea if I say your last name right and I'm sorry for saying it's wierd.


  1. You said my last name right! :) Just like 'boy,' but with an E at the end. I've tried to figure out its origin and I've come up with Danish, Scottish, etc., but my family is of German/Sweedish/English descent, hehe.

    And no worries about saying it's weird! Everyone calls me Boyd, Boyce, and Boyle (especially after Susan Boyle got big, haha.)


    1. Phew...thanks for being so understanding. LOL. I'm horrible with names anyway. Even the really easy ones throw me.

  2. I love it! your daughter is so adorable! she reminds me of my baby cousin